At Aiki Shuren Dojo Adelaide, we practice traditional Iwama style Aikido.  A class will typically include weapons practice with the Japanese training sword (bokken); the short staff (jo); plus a range of open handed techniques (taijitsu) that cover joint locks, holds, and throws.

We place emphasis on learning the fundamental techniques that underpin more advanced forms.  This enables a good grounding in the specific body movement, breathing/kiai, and mental awareness that is necessary to effectively perform advanced training.  Progression is encouraged and tailored to the individual, to ensure students continue to develop and grow at a steady pace.

Kids Aikido information can be found here.



Beginners are very welcome at Aiki Shuren Dojo Adelaide.  We are committed to providing clear and effective instruction in a friendly and safe environment.  We encourage new students to first develop the basic fundamental skills, and then support students to progress to more complex techniques, on the way to successfully completing their first grading (test).

Ph: 0407 770 894

Garden Terrace, Mawson Lakes, SA, 5095, Australia

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